Safe Routes for All Active Transportation Plan|New Haven, CT

Project Status: Plan Adopted

Street Plans produced the City of New Haven’s first Active Transportation Plan, a comprehensive analysis and road map for advancing walking, biking, and transit infrastructure in the city in the next 10 years.

The overall planning effort kicked off in the Summer of 2019 with six Quick-Build projects, one in each of the City’s Priority Neighborhoods. These projects were meant to engage the community around the Plan in a hands-on manner, and demonstrate concepts that may be found in the eventual planning document.

Plan public engagement kicked re-started with virtual workshops in January 2021, both in Spanish and in English, followed by a series of Handlebar and Walkabout Surveys with the community.

The Plan includes an Intersection Database documenting the conditions of sidewalks and crosswalks at all 1,500+ intersections in the City, conceptual designs for 11 priority locations, as as well as chapter entirely on Tactical Transit for near-term and low-cost improvements to the City’s bus system.

The Plan was reviewed and adopted by the Board of Alders on September 6, 2022.

To advance Plan implementation, Street Plans installed interim pedestrian improvements at a priority intersection identified in the Plan in September 2022. The project includes curb extensions, enhanced crosswalk markings, lane realignment, and physical protection with vertical barriers and self-watering planters.

One of 11 location-specific proposed, conceptual drawings illustrating bicycle, transit, and pedestrian improvements.
Quick-Build project in a West River priority intersection installed in September 2022.