SoHo Public Realm Plan | New York City, NY

Project Status: Plan Adopted

Street Plans was retained by the Soho Broadway Initiative, a business improvement district, to develop a Framework and Vision Plan for the area’s public realm.

The SoHo Broadway District is known globally for its cast-iron architecture, shopping, beautiful loft apartments, and vibrant street life. However, while the neighborhood’s buildings have continued to evolve over time, the public realm has not. Today, vehicular congestion, crowded sidewalks, existing building operations, and many other challenges prevent the District from achieving its full potential as a welcoming, beautiful, and safe place for residents, businesses, and visitors. As such, the following five goals were established to guide Plan implementation:

1) Provide more space for people

2) Streamline district operations

3) Support and expand cultural activity

4) Increase district greenery and resilience

5) Improve district connectivity and traffic safety.

The Plan’s framework calls for reducing through traffic and providing much more usable public space. Bolstered by Strategic Initiatives, Tactical Projects, and Supporting Actions, the Plan’s Four Key Moves will deliver on the goal to create the most compelling and inclusive street life in New York City. With a sense of urgency, the Street Plans team has worked with SoHo Broadway to jumpstart implementation with the immediate delivery of “Little Prince Plaza,” a temporary car-free public space to showcase concepts included in the Plan.