Streets for Pandemic Response & Recovery

Project Status: Published

Street Plans was engaged by the National Association of City Transportation Officials to collaborate on and produce a Quick Build guide for cities to use in response to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. The guide compiles emerging practices from around the world and includes implementation resources for cities and their partners. Recognizing the rapidly changing nature of this pandemic, Streets for Pandemic Response and Recovery will be revised and expanded to include new strategies, address changing conditions, and provide the best possible information on each design practice. With Sam Schwartz Engineering, Street Plans led the graphic production of the guide, as well as contributed writing and research to the guidance.

The guide was published online in PDF format, as well as translated to a website format for ease of access. It contains three primary sections:

• Six Principles to Guide Cities’ COVID-19 Response & Recovery

• How to adapt and use streets most effectively based on

evolving COVID-19 policies (like stay-at-home orders, prevaccine reopening phases, and post-vaccine phases)

• 16 Emerging Street Strategies

Streets for Pandemic Response and Recovery includes an introduction to using streets for recovery and response (pdf) and detailed implementation information about the following street strategies:

  • Lanes for Biking & Rolling 
  • Sidewalk Extensions 
  • Transit Lanes 
  • Slow Streets 
  • Pick-Up & Delivery Zones 
  • Outdoor Dining 
  • Markets