The Year of Open Space | Jersey City, NJ


The Year of Open Space is an initiative by the City of Jersey City to optimize their existing public spaces for a post-pandemic world and to create more innovative, non-traditional public spaces in the city to better meet the community’s needs. The yearlong effort builds on the recently adopted Open Space Element of Jersey City’s Master Plan. To kickoff this initiative, Street Plans developed branding elements used for marketing collateral and location-specific signage, including a logo, copy, color palette, and iconography.

Throughout the year, Street Plans led the planning, procurement, and implementation of multiple day-long open space activations which incorporated community activities, temporary mobility interventions, asphalt art, creative community feedback through interactive art installations, live music, food vendors, and community-focused workshops. Under Jersey City’s leadership, the Street Plans team collaborated with local artists and neighborhood and commercial district organizations to engage the local community.