Connect Senoia Master Plan & Unified Development Code | Senoia, GA


Street Plans was hired as the prime consultant by the City of Senoia to develop a mobility and development strategy and plan for the growing town center and its surrounding area. Named Connect Senoia, the initiative is led by the City in partnership with the Atlanta Regional Commission and aims to encourage thoughtful economic growth and enhance pedestrian and multi-use trail connectivity from the downtown center to Senoia’s surrounding neighborhoods.

The project consists of the following four components:

  • Growth & Conservation Plan to control growth and conserve natural lands,
  • Connectivity Plan that includes a full range of options – from walking, biking, transit, and micro-mobility,
  • Town Center Plan to lay out a vision for continued development in the town center, and
  • Unified Development Ordinance to codify the vision identified in the master plans.

Connect Senoia is partly funded by the Atlanta Regional Commission’s Livable Centers Initiative with additional funding from the City of Senoia.

Connect Senoia kicked off with the project team and steering committee in early 2023, and, after an initial phase devoted to working with and educating key developers, the project’s public orientation took place in June of this year. The final deliverables will include a report summarizing the process and detailing recommendations including a 100-Day Action Plan, as well as, the adoption of a new code.

In Spring of 2023, Street Plans led two mini-charrettes with key local developers to educate them on traditional neighborhood development best practices, as well as, develop alternate site plans for three priority properties undergoing development. (Above)