Public Engagement for TOD Charrette | West Haven, CT

Type: Charrette Public Involvement

Size: Neighborhood scale

Status: Complete

westhaven-composite-01Street Plans led the public engagement and publicity efforts for a week-long Charrette to create a vision for Transit Oriented Development (TOD) around West Haven’s new Metro North Railroad station. The project focused on creating an economic development strategy that would connect the station to downtown West Haven and capitalize on the numerous opportunities the station presents for adding new residential, commercial and public space amenities.

As a first step, Street Plans developed a digital presence for the project, in the form of a dedicated project page within the city’s existing website, and a Facebook page. Street Plans also developed a poster publicizing the Charrette. Graphics from the poster established project branding, which was carried through all interactive project materials. Street Plans also developed a media release announcing the Charrette to local press outlets.

To kick off the Charrette week, Street Plans led targeted public outreach activities at West Haven Station during peak evening commuting hours. At the station, Street Plans conducted quick intercept surveys, asking commuters about their vision for the area and recording their thoughts on large “idea posters”. Street Plans also distributed materials to further publicize the Charrette’s public forums, using a mock Metro North Ticket.

Throughout the Charrette, Street Plans conducted interviews with customers and business owners at locations near the station and in downtown West Haven, and translated their ideas to the design team.

At each of the two evening public forums, Street Plans developed interactive activities to engage attendees in sharing their vision for the area around the station.

At the close of the Charrette, Street Plans produced a short memo to summarize key findings from public input gathered at the station, along commercial corridors, and through other on- and offline conversations.