Rue Vendome Plaza | Miami Beach, FL

Project Status: Implementation Complete

In August 2017, Street Plans was hired by the City of Miami Beach to develop a design for, and implement, a parking lot transformation in Miami Beach’s North Beach neighborhood. Previously identified in the North Beach Master Plan, produced by Dover Kohl & Partners and Street Plans and approved inOctober 2016, the now-Rue Vendome Plaza was a 9-space parking lot adjacent to a prominent neighborhood gathering space. The master plan put forward a vision for an interim transformation of the parking lot into a plaza (1-2 years), one that would eventually be permanently implemented. 

Street Plans designed the 3,565 square-foot asphalt pattern, procured the materials, and collaborated with the City of MiamiBeach on volunteer outreach. Starting on April 2nd, Street Plans measured and outlined the design. For the next two days, Street Plans was joined by City of Miami Beach volunteers to paint the plaza, guided by the drawings Street Plans had produced of the design. The plaza was completed on April 6th, and has been used by the city for farmer’s markets and smaller neighborhood events since its installation.

The plaza received new life a year later, when local creative marketing and events group Prism Creative Group hosted its first activation. The activation featured live music, food and beverage vendors, large-scale games like chess, and art booths. This event is the first in a series of programming, one which will continue to build public support for the permanent transformation of the former parking lot.