Tactical East Avenue | Livermore, CA

Status: Ongoing

Street Plans was hired by the City of Livermore to design and execute a Quick-Build project as a part of Phase II of the East Avenue Corridor Study. East Avenue, an east-west thoroughfare connecting the Sandia Laboratories with Downtown Livermore, was identified in the city’s 2018 Active Transportation Master Plan as a priority corridor, primarily due to its high concentration of crashes and lack of bicycle facilities. Along this segment of the corridor are a middle school, high school, a commercial center, and multi- and single-family housing units. Following publication of the plan, the city embarked on the East Avenue Corridor Study to develop future design alternatives that would incorporate bike lanes.

Public engagement for Tactical East Avenue included kicked off with a public workshop in March2022. During this workshop, Street Plans presented two approaches to evaluating permanent improvements to East Avenue: a linear project, or a project focused on pedestrian intersection improvements. Directed by the public feedback received, the project team reconvened the community in September 2022 for “Design Week”, a charrette-style series of public engagements to design pedestrian improvements at six intersections along the corridor, the segment bookended by the schools.

The project was installed in April 2023, and included four primary design interventions: curb extensions, high-visibility crosswalks, painted medians, and self-erecting bollards. The project will be evaluated for six months, with a mid-pilot summary. Final recommendations on a subsequent pilot project will be made to the city following completion of the evaluation period.

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