UC Berkeley Undergraduate Initiative Charrette | Berkeley, CA

Type: Community Visioning Workshop/Charrette

Size: 68 Students, 10 Steering Committee Members

Status: Phase 1 Complete

The Berkeley Undergraduate Initiative (UGI) is a strategic planning project focused on re-imagining a University of California Berkeley undergraduate education. Led by the Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education, the UGI seeks to allow stakeholders to imagine new opportunities for enhancing the undergraduate experience. 
Under the leadership of the Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education, the UGI Steering Committee (UGISC) hired Street Plans and project partner Neighborland to design and implement a one-day interactive Charrette with students. The Charrette introduced the undergraduate community to the UGI, shared the Steering Committee’s thinking to-date, and created a framework for students to ask questions and share ideas. 
Street Plans worked with Neighborland to create a detailed activity plan for the Charrette, and assisted with production of outreach and recruitment materials. Street Plans led an orientation for volunteer facilitators, and developed all graphics and materials required for Charrette activities, including talking points for University leadership. Street Plans Project Director Julie Flynn served as lead Facilitator for the event. 
Following the Charrette, Street Plans and Neighborland developed a taxonomy to categorize student comments, and identify key themes. The feedback focused on dozens of issues including: courses, extracurricular activities, orientation programs, housing, health and wellness resources, campus facilities, operational systems/technology, and financial aid. 
To guide next steps, Street Plans developed a comprehensive Charrette Summary Report for the UGISC. The Report conveyed key findings and presented a framework for the UGISC to integrate student needs and concerns into their work moving forward. Neighborland also uploaded all data from the Charrette onto a dedicated online platform for the project. The UGISC is currently evaluating next steps for the broader, and more public phase of student engagement around the UGI.