Announcing the Tactical Urbanist’s Guide to Materials and Design!

Over the past seven years Street Plans has built a practice around implementing tactical urbanism projects around the globe.  Our four open-source guides and recent book, along with other resources, provide substantial case-study level information on the topic, but, we’ve heard time and again that what is needed now is more guidance about design and materials, for both citizens and city-led projects. We couldn’t agree more!

Thanks to funding from the Knight Foundation and review support from NACTO and the Vision Zero Network, we are proud to announce the Tactical Urbanist’s Guide to Materials and Design. This new print and digital resource (currently under production) will provide high-quality design and materials guidance for citizen-led demonstration, and city-led pilot and interim design projects. In addition, we’re also going to be hosting a workshop series to accompany the Guide, with the goal of expanding participating agency (or agencies) familiarity and comfort with planning and executing collaborative demonstration, pilot, and interim design projects. (Click here for more information about the workshop series – now accepting applications from interested cities!)

The Guide will focus on sharing best-practices for rapid implementation of common tactical urbanism projects, including street-safety enhancement projects such as high-visibility crosswalks, curb extensions, refuge islands, protected bike lanes, and plazas. As part of this effort, we’re pulling together our firm’s best practices, as well as conducting a national research survey of best practices related to materials and design from America’s leading cities. For more information, click here.