Miami Beach Bicycle Master Plan and Street Design Guide Unanimously Approved!


On April 13th, the Miami Beach City Commission unanimously approved a Transportation Master Plan that establishes a transportation vision for the City. The plan provides guidelines for future transportation systems and mobility strategies, suggests policy modifications to improve the efficiency of the transportation network, and generates projects based on priorities.

“This plan approves a groundbreaking policy decision to create a new transportation mode hierarchy that focuses on alternatives to individual vehicles and ensures safety and improved infrastructure for pedestrians and bicyclists,” said Miami Beach Transportation Director Jose Gonzalez.

As part of the Transportation Master Plan, Street Plans worked with the city to develop a Street Design Guide and a Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.

The Street Design Guide provides guidelines for city planners and engineers to design and build complete streets that are safe and comfortable for all users and modes of transportation for years to come. The manual includes prescriptive measures and strategies to create calm, livable streets. The Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan outlines a roadmap for the City to create 40 miles of new and improved bikeways — a network that will make Miami Beach one of the most bicycle friendly in the nation.

To read the Miami Beach Transportation Master Plan Executive Summary, Final Report, Street Design Guidelines and Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan, visit: